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Testimonial of Edward & Danise Littleford

Mr. Steve Norwood

Managing Partner

TriState Home Services


We would like to compliment your entire staff particularly, Mr. Ken Walters. He game us a peace of mind. We were without an air conditioner for three weeks. My husband and I both have medical conditions (allergies, asthma and pacemaker). So it was very difficult to remain in our home with no air.

We had three estimates. One company never showed up. Another company was way over our budget and where not pleasant at all. Mr. Walters came out on June 7, 2016. Mr. Walters was very polite and courteous. He explained everything very professionally and thorough. He did not try to rush out, and he offered to make us comfortable with fans or window unit until they were able to install the new product. The appointment was made for installation on Jine 14th, 2016 at 8:00 am.

The technicians arrived ten minutes before the scheduled time. I was impressed. They were very prompt and kind. The technicians completed the job and left no mass or concerns for us. This means a lot to the customer. No company will progress without good customer service.

Ken's credibility was outstanding and should be commended. I would refer family members and friends to your company just because of Ken's in-depth meticulous customer service we received. You could not have a better person representing your company (TriState).

Thank you for your promt and outstanding servie, have a great year.


Respectfully yours,
Edward and Denise Littleford