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Testimonial of Mark H. Bither



Please forward my comments to management (Rich);
Thank you


Bill was my service technician for my residential home maintenance annual check last fall/2015. I was immidiately impressed with his throughness and professionalism. I have own All American/TRI-STATE Heating & Cooling products for over a decade. In that decade, I have not ever seen the extensive system review that was performed by Bill.

In addition to his "normal" maintenance checks;
He rewired my thermostat;
Reformed the air filter carrier so that it would properly fit (was never right since put in since 1991);
Cheched the water condensation tube clearance; was plugged and explained how to solve it;
Checked the wiring of the heat pump;
Took all the panels off to assess the cooling/heating fins-cleaned the fins.

Needless to say that when the May/2016 maintenance check was scheduled, I specifically ask for Bill. It appears that his work precedes him since he was scheduled out for months.

Last week Bill reported as scheduled and started his usual thoroughness system checks. Upon his arrival, I told him that I had NOT complied with his "fall visit" recommendation to clear the condensation tube yet but I intended a future date.

During this visit, in addition to the normal maintenance checks, Nill cleared the condensation tube for me.....enough said.

So I highly commend Bill for his consistent dedication to excellence and professionalism. As a senior leader in the Department of Defense/Army Medical Research, I know how valuable staff is whti these skill sets. I hope that the company understands the value of keeping great staff and how beneficial that is to the bottom line.

Just read my bottom of my signature block Low Holtz would be proud to have Bill supporting him.


Mark H. Bither, RN