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Testimonial of Jonathan W. Martin

To Whome It May Concern

I just wanted to thank TriState Services for sending a technical over to my house to correct an AC problem on such short notice. Special thanks, however, have to go to your HVAC technician Mr. Brooks Borman who did an excellent job of systematically dissecting my AC/Heating problem, making corrections, and checkingto make sure that his corrections corrected our problem. More importantly, Mr. Borman educate me as to the intricacies of dual zone heating and cooling which in part was the cause of my problem. He did a great job!

In the future, I would like to request that mr. Borman be assigned to my AC/Heating problems as well as attending to my two annual maintenance inspections. I will continue my annual maintenance agreement with TriServices Residence  largely based on the excellent service I have received by TriState technicians like Mr. Borman.


Jonathan W. Martin