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Testimonial of Richard Podliska


Hello Steve,

I have been a customer of your firm and its predecessor, Watcher & Norwood, since 1975, when Irving Gue built a home for my wife and me in 1975 and your firm installed a Lennox heat pump system - one of the first in the area.

That system lasted until 2003. At the juncture Tri-State installed a new Lennox Signature heat pump, furnace and air exchange system for us.

Now, on 01/16/2017, your company has installed Lennox Signature heat pump and accompanying wi-fi termostat.

I would like to take this opportunity to commend you, your firn, and those particular individuals - Rich Konitzko, Darren Viands, the two technicians (Randy & Anthony, I believe, who did the installation), & the others who obtained the heat pump from Gaithersburg & otherwise helped - involved in the impressive accomplishment.

Rick accurately diagnosed the problem at approx. 9pm on Sunday. Darren presented options to me Monday am. Rich & his team then sprang into action, locating the heat pump, scheduling the installation, and completing the entire sequence of events, including installation, before 6pm!

Darren checked shortly thereafter to ascretain that all had been accomplished. Darren encountered a very grateful and ecstatic customer!

I indicated to Darren - just as I am indicating to all of you now - that I have been, & will certainly continue to be, ab unerring & deducated customer of Tri-State!

Thank you for your excellent - plus service! 


Richard Podliska