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Gas Furnaces Repair & Installation in Frederick, Maryland

Gas Furnaces in Frederick, Gaithersburg & Rockville, MD


Like most large appliances, a furnace does not always break at the most opportune of hours. In fact, you're most likely to find out that your unit has broken just before your family tucks in for the night. Knowing this, TriState Home Services offers emergency 24/7 gas furnace repair services so you and your family can enjoy comfortable heating as quickly as possible. Get peace of mind knowing that our heating and air conditioning technicians are always available to help you.

One of the reasons why we find it so important to offer emergency services is that a furnace malfunction can be a serious safety hazard. Protect your family by contacting our office as soon as you suspect that there may be a problem with your gas furnace. Complete our contact form or call us at 844-202-2126 for service.

Signs that your furnace may need servicing:

  • Unnaturally loud noises coming from the unit (banging or groaning)
  • No matter how high you turn up the thermostat, your home just won't get warm
  • Usually high electricity bills
  • Strange color of the pilot light (yellow is a warning sign)
  • Furnace consistently turning off
  • Furnace difficult to turn on
  • Increase in occurrence of asthma or allergies
  • Furnace is more than 15 years old
  • Repeat repairs (might signal a need for a new unit)

Trust Tri-State for Your Gas Furnace Repair or Installation

You can trust in the quality of our service. We have worked hard to earn a reputation for reliably consistent high-quality service, and we are passionate about continuing to improve. For this reason, we aim for 100% customer satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with our work or repairs, we will do our best to fix the issue immediately. Call 844-202-2126 or complete our contact form to have our technicians look at your gas furnace.

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