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Sewer/Water Repair and Service in Frederick, Gaithersburg & Rockville, MD

Sewer/Water Repair and Service in Frederick, Maryland

Nothing stinks more than an issue with your sewer or septic system.  TriState Home Services understands the urgency of fixing or upgrading your sewer system so you can get the water flowing again.  

Here are signs your sewer and/or septic system might be having issues:

  • Water is backing up in multiple locations
  • There is drainage at the sewer line clean out (older homes may not have one of these)
  • Water is backing up in odd locations (like the shower drain when you are using the washer)

There are many causes for sewer or septic issues.   Sewer/Water Repair and Service in Frederick, Maryland First we'll use our drain auger (also known as a plumber's snake) which can loosen many clogs.  For more complicated issues we us our state of the art camera system which allows us to get a visualization of the issue at hand.  We can get to tight corners and underground locations to detect the source of the clog or backup.  


Here are common sources of sewer/septic line issues:

Sewer/Water Repair and Service in Frederick, Maryland
  • Tree roots
  • Burst pipes
  • Old/aging pipes
  • Clogs from larger items going down the lines
  • Toilet paper that does not break down quickly enough for your system

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If you are facing a sewer, septic or water line issue, call TriState Home Services at 844-202-2126 or complete our contact form and we can get the help you need to get your plumbing system flowing properly again.