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Home Energy Evaluation

Energy Saving Home Improvement Recommendations

While recommended improvements will vary by home, below is a list of the most common home energy upgrades that can increase your comfort and help you save on monthly energy costs.

  1. Insulate Attic and Seal Air Leaks
  2. Seal Ducts
  3. Switch to ENERGY STAR® Certified LED Bulbs
  4. Upgrade to ENERGY STAR® Appliances
  5. Upgrade to a High-Efficiency Water Heater
  6. Improve Heating and Cooling Systems
  7. Upgrade to ENERGY STAR® Qualified Windows
  8. Install Smart Thermostats





How Do I Improve My Whole-Home Comfort?

  • Get an energy audit with TriState Home Services.
  • Review the Whole-Home Action Plan.
  • Reserve rebates for air sealing, insulation, duct sealing, improvements to indoor air quality, new HVAC equipment or a high efficiency water heater.
  • TriState begins home improvements.
  • TriState tests home to verify work is done right.
  • Enjoy better indoor air quality, better health, and better comfort.

With our Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Program, you can maximize your home’s energy performance and save money with rebates up to $7,500 on energy-saving upgrades. Benefits can include:

  • Reduced energy use and monthly energy costs
  • A more comfortable living environment
  • Improved air quality inside your home
  • Resource conservation and reduced greenhouse gas emissions

Below, we’ll guide you through the process in a few simple steps. You’ll see how improvements throughout your home can work together to give you the best results – improving comfort and helping to reduce monthly energy costs.

Pepco® is a proud local sponsor of Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®, a national program administered by the U.S. Department of Energy in conjunction with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Since 2002, over 500,000 homeowners have improved their homes’ efficiency with whole-house solutions to improve comfort and indoor air quality while reducing energy bills. To learn more, visit


STEP 1: Find a Participating Contractor

Knowing what energy-efficiency improvements to make in a home and how they can work together requires special expertise. Our Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Program features a network of independent, specially trained participating contractors who use advanced diagnostic tools to evaluate your home’s energy use and identify ways you can save. 

STEP 2: Schedule and Complete a Home Energy Assessment

A comprehensive Home Energy Assessment, conducted at your home by a specially trained participating contractor, will provide you with valuable information regarding the condition of your home and help you identify potential energy-saving improvements. The basic fee is $100.* The assessment typically takes 2–5 hours depending on the size and complexity of your home.

Homeowner Consultation: The Home Energy Assessment begins with a consultation to help your contractor understand concerns you have about your home’s energy use and comfort. During the consultation, your contractor will ask to review your utility bills from the previous 12 months (available online with My Account at and will provide you with the program’s Terms and Conditions.

Home Inspection: After the consultation, the contractor will complete a visual inspection of the living space, attic, crawl space/basement and exterior of your home. The contractor also will use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment such as a blower door, which measures how much air is leaking from your home; perform combustion safety testing to identify health and safety issues in your home; and conduct other tests that comply with Building Performance Institute standards.

No-Cost Measures: To help you start saving money and energy right away, your contractor will install several items at no additional cost to you following your Home Energy Assessment. These measures may include light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs in a variety of styles, efficient-flow showerheads, faucet aerators, ShowerStart™ showerhead adapter, smart power strips and pipe insulation.

STEP 3: Review Recommendations and Reserve Rebates

Home Energy Assessment Report: Once your home energy assessment is complete, your contractor will use energy analysis software to generate a report summarizing the findings. This report will detail your home’s energy consumption, give recommended improvements for your home and estimate your potential yearly energy savings. You will also receive a Prioritized List of Measures (PLOM), which contains a concise list of proposed home upgrades with details about energy savings and potential rebate amounts.

Consider and Reserve Pepco Rebates: If you intend to proceed with any recommended improvements, we can reward you with rebates up to $7,500. After deciding which upgrades you would like to move forward with, your contractor will have you sign a proposal and the PLOM, and will submit a rebate reservation on your behalf. Once the rebate reservation is approved, you will have 60 days to complete your chosen home improvements. See for details.

STEP 4: Sign a Contract

After you have received an approved rebate reservation and reviewed the final scope of work, your contractor will present you with a contract to review and sign. At this time, you should also discuss expected start and completion dates.

Before signing, make sure that the contract:

  • Includes details on the work you want done and equipment you want installed
  • Is a fixed-price contract that cannot be changed without your written permission
  • Outlines payment terms, such as the down payment amount, installment payments and due date for the final payment

Be sure to keep a copy of your final contract for your records. Your contractor will submit a copy of this contract with your Rebate Application and signed Terms and Conditions Form. Work cannot begin until both you and your contractor have signed the contract.

Equipment and Labor Warranties: Your participating contractor will provide you with a written warranty on labor and materials for a minimum of one year from the date the service is completed. Installed equipment will carry the manufacturer’s warranty and any optional extended warranty coverage and are not responsible or liable for any work performed by contractors or their suppliers.

Change Orders: Any changes to the contract require that a Change Order Form be signed by you and your contractor, dated and submitted to you before the improvements are installed – and before any adjustments are made to prices, financing terms or rebates. Exceptions may be made for special circumstances such as health and safety issues.

STEP 5: Install Energy-Saving Improvements

When it’s time to have the work done, your contractor may have to visit your home on multiple days to complete the installations. At a minimum, meet with the contractor at the beginning of each day before work starts and at the end of the day to review progress.

Final Test-Out: After installation, your participating contractor will test your home to ensure the work was done properly and that the increased airtightness resulting from the improvements does not cause air quality or combustion safety problems. Any air quality or safety issues will be addressed and corrected immediately by your contractor.

Job Completion Form: The final test-out and job inspection will be documented with a Job Completion Form. DO NOT sign the Job Completion Form until all work specified on the original contract and any Change Orders is completed to your satisfaction. Your contractor will submit the Job Completion Form for verification and acceptance under program standards.**

Rebate Check: Your contractor is responsible for submitting the necessary rebate documentation on your behalf within 30 days of installation. Please allow 6–8 weeks from the date the completed application is received by us to receive your rebate check.

**Installation Verification: We reserve the right to monitor and conduct inspections of the installation of measures and equipment listed on the Job Completion Form. We may verify compliance with the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program guidelines, the accuracy of project documentation and measures and equipment/system performance.

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