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Customer Testimonials

What Your Neighbors Say About Us:

"The service you had provided us by Tri State Home on Nov. 9, 2016 has been acceptable and satisfactory by Mr. C. E. Gotard. The insulation crew was very neat and friendly in preparing for the units inside and outside, done a fantastic job. Not to mention your sales in “Home Service” “Darren” was “professional” in taken the time in explaining the different options as to what the units qualify for our home which we elected to go with the “Elite Package”, Lennox, efficient and sound proof. The control panels on the walls are state of the “art” and “technology” for the future. Want to thank your working crew and most of all Darren for assisting and helping us to make a right decision."
—J. Gotard

"Outstanding professional service. James is definitely an “ambassador-of-goodwill” for Tri-State!"
—H. Malin

"Just a note of thanks to all of you for your persistence, patience and good humor in solving our mystery problem; with a special thank you to Donald and James. Everything is working well now."
—M. Ali

"I want to let you know how pleased I am with the service I have received from Gilley’s heating. I have been a customer of yours for 15 years. Recently, I bought a new heat pump from Gilley’s. The sales person, Darren, was wonderful. Friendly, helpful, informative, professional, I am extremely happy with the new heat pump.

Your company has provided outstanding customer service over the past 15 years. From your receptionist (friendly) to your technicians (RJ). Very helpful. RJ spent 30 minutes on the phone with me the evening my compressor died explaining what happened and what to do next.

Please keep up the good work of prompt, friendly service (it’s so rare these days)."
—A happy customer

"Thanks to all for getting our new heat pump in so quickly as our travel plans were 2 weeks away. Then again for getting someone out when the older system stopped communicating with itself. You people are great!

Thanks to John, R.J., Darren, Jennifer, Christine, the “A” Team, and all the people working behind the scene."
—R. and H. Audrey

"Jennifer-great on phone to me. Donald for fixing it, and he so nice. Billing department for getting me the coupon to use every little bit helps."
—J. Page

"Just wanted to say “thank you” to Joseph and Bryan. Courteous, professional, informative, and response time impeccable! TriState/Gilley’s my vendor of choice! And best regards to your call coordinator-she too is all of the above!"

"I wanted to thank both you and Joe for the outstanding service you provided us. Joe was extremly professional, always on top of things and treated us with respect. He went iver each step with us and explained what needed to be done. I can see why you keep him around. Our water is now crystal clear and we are very happy with the final product. We used the water to fill birth pool where our son was born last friday. My wife was through the roof. I am really glad we were able to work through the initial misunderstanding and that we gave you one more chance. I look forward to using your service for any future issues.

If it's OK with you I would like to share our experience on Angie's List."

"Bill was my service technician for my residential home maintenance annual check last fall/2015. I was immidiately impressed with his throughness and professionalism. I have own All American/TRI-STATE Heating & Cooling products for over a decade. In that decade, I have not ever seen the extensive system review that was performed by Bill.

In addition to his "normal" maintenance checks;

He rewired my thermostat;

Reformed the air filter carrier so that it would properly fit (was never right since put in since 1991);

Cheched the water condensation tube clearance; was plugged and explained how to solve it;

Checked the wiring of the heat pump;

Took all the panels off to assess the cooling/heating fins-cleaned the fins.

Needless to say that when the May/2016 maintenance check was scheduled, I specifically ask for Bill. It appears that his work precedes him since he was scheduled out for months.

Last week Bill reported as scheduled and started his usual thoroughness system checks. Upon his arrival, I told him that I had NOT complied with his "fall visit" recommendation to clear the condensation tube yet but I intended a future date.

During this visit, in addition to the normal maintenance checks, Nill cleared the condensation tube for me.....enough said.

So I highly commend Bill for his consistent dedication to excellence and professionalism. As a senior leader in the Department of Defense/Army Medical Research, I know how valuable staff is whti these skill sets. I hope that the company understands the value of keeping great staff and how beneficial that is to the bottom line.

Just read my bottom of my signature block Low Holtz would be proud to have Bill supporting him."
—Mark H. B.

"We would like to compliment your entire staff particularly, Mr. Ken Walters. He game us a peace of mind. We were without an air conditioner for three weeks. My husband and I both have medical conditions (allergies, asthma and pacemaker). So it was very difficult to remain in our home with no air.

We had three estimates. One company never showed up. Another company was way over our budget and where not pleasant at all. Mr. Walters came out on June 7, 2016. Mr. Walters was very polite and courteous. He explained everything very professionally and thorough. He did not try to rush out, and he offered to make us comfortable with fans or window unit until they were able to install the new product. The appointment was made for installation on Jine 14th, 2016 at 8:00 am.

The technicians arrived ten minutes before the scheduled time. I was impressed. They were very prompt and kind. The technicians completed the job and left no mass or concerns for us. This means a lot to the customer. No company will progress without good customer service.

Ken's credibility was outstanding and should be commended. I would refer family members and friends to your company just because of Ken's in-depth meticulous customer service we received. You could not have a better person representing your company (TriState).

Thank you for your promt and outstanding servie, have a great year."
—Edward and Denise L.

"I am writing to let your company know what I was very pleased with the service nad technicians that installaed my A/C and gas furnace. Sonny Garcia and his assistance were very efficient, polite and took care of cleaning up. Also Jeff Smoot was very nice and very informative and did not try to sell me anything that I didn't want to need and also made suggestions and told me what to expect on the installation. He scheduled the install in 5 days. I also had 3 ceiling fans and 1 light fixture done. Drew was so very nice and polite and kew exactly what he was doing. He worked out the plan to install a ceiling fan in BR making connections to get wire from ceiling to switch. Very professional and cleaned up everyting. Your company is fortunate to have such great employees working for you"
—Dianne W.

"I want to express my thanks for one of your employees, Paul Schluep. He recently serviced our heating and air units. We had struggled trying to find the source of an exhaust odor in our building for weeks. Paul made it his mission to find the source and in deed he found it. He discovered that the exhaust fan in the back shop was not running and was in need of repair. Once we repaired the fan, the odor was gone.

Please pass along to him our gratitude for a job well done!"
—Charles P.

"My name is Todd Chalk and recently your company had performed an update on our rental property with PMP at my home. I am writing this email to let you know what a great job your technicians Sonny and Cody did at our home. They arrived on time, were courteous and professional. The install was clean and professionally done.

Please make sure you take care of these two outstanding employees!"
—Todd C.

"Thank you VERY MUCH for helping to get me set up a new customer with Tristate Home Services. Rick, my technician was very professional yesterday morning and answered all of my questions. I have signed my new maintenance agreement and am all official now.

Again, please accept my appreciation for your help."
—Catherine L. S.

"Thank you so very much for your donation of 20 rolls of duct tape for our assembly. We are duct-taping our PE teacher, Mr. Keller, to the wall to raise money for the Ameciran Cancer Socity!

We are so thankful for your generosity and appreciate your support of our school."
—Julie E. H.

"I am wanting to thank you for the exceptional service recently provided to us by Evin. We have an old house with a radiator heating system that feeds our domestic hot water. We recently lost our domestic hot water due to a problem that was difficult to diagnose. Despite our frustration with the situation (sorry for that...), Evin was extremely professional & worked diligently to diagnose and repair the issue. Every thing is working great now and we really appriciate the time he put into the issue and his customer service attitude. He was a pleasure to work with."
—Kevin & Beth C.

"I am writing to give you a review on your service. It has been exemplary! From my call yesterday and the handling of my situation to my service today, you should be proud of the people who represent you.

I am sorry I do not remember the woman's name who took my call. Professional kind and so helpful.

My service tech today was Brooks. Knowledgeable, respectul, so helpful and an all around great person.

Again, thank you for being a great company. Your employees are a stellar indication of it."
—Deena E.

"I have been a customer of your firm and its predecessor, Watcher & Norwood, since 1975, when Irving Gue built a home for my wife and me in 1975 and your firm installed a Lennox heat pump system - one of the first in the area.

That system lasted until 2003. At the juncture Tri-State installed a new Lennox Signature heat pump, furnace and air exchange system for us.

Now, on 01/16/2017, your company has installed Lennox Signature heat pump and accompanying wi-fi termostat.

I would like to take this opportunity to commend you, your firn, and those particular individuals - Rich Konitzko, Darren Viands, the two technicians (Randy & Anthony, I believe, who did the installation), & the others who obtained the heat pump from Gaithersburg & otherwise helped - involved in the impressive accomplishment.

Rick accurately diagnosed the problem at approx. 9pm on Sunday. Darren presented options to me Monday am. Rich & his team then sprang into action, locating the heat pump, scheduling the installation, and completing the entire sequence of events, including installation, before 6pm!

Darren checked shortly thereafter to ascretain that all had been accomplished. Darren encountered a very grateful and ecstatic customer!

I indicated to Darren - just as I am indicating to all of you now - that I have been, & will certainly continue to be, ab unerring & deducated customer of Tri-State!

Thank you for your excellent - plus service!"
—Richard P.

"I just wanted to let you know that Brooks Borman was extemely helpful for me and my family. We are all sick and with the temperature getting colder, our furnace not working was a huge issue. Brooks was professional, quick to respond and very helpful.

Brooks has made ne very loyal TriState customer."
—Luke G.

"I just wanted to thank TriState Services for sending a technical over to my house to correct an AC problem on such short notice. Special thanks, however, have to go to your HVAC technician Mr. Brooks Borman who did an excellent job of systematically dissecting my AC/Heating problem, making corrections, and checkingto make sure that his corrections corrected our problem. More importantly, Mr. Borman educate me as to the intricacies of dual zone heating and cooling which in part was the cause of my problem. He did a great job!

In the future, I would like to request that mr. Borman be assigned to my AC/Heating problems as well as attending to my two annual maintenance inspections. I will continue my annual maintenance agreement with TriServices Residence largely based on the excellent service I have received by TriState technicians like Mr. Borman."
—Jonathan W. M.

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