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Crawl Space Insulation

Your crawl space can get cold. Warm it up with insulation installation from TriState Home Services.

Crawl Space Insulation

If your home feels cold even when your furnace is running full-blast, you might have crawl space insulation issues. Insulating your crawl space properly will help you achieve optimal energy-saving heating and cooling efficiency. In short, if your crawl space is not insulated the right way, you can expect to experience erratic temperatures around your home and energy costs that are much higher than they should be.

Importance Of Crawl Space Insulation

From the very start of new home construction, or before you move into an old home you just renovated, air sealing and insulation are two necessary steps before moving in. Older homes must be checked for insulation problems, and new homes should be insulated and air sealed properly during construction. Before you can have your crawl space insulated, you will first need to determine whether or not it is ventilated.

Regardless of whether your crawl space is ventilated or not, an experienced contractor will know exactly what you need to have the area insulated. For ventilated crawl spaces, most likely your contractor would install insulation under the subfloor. If the area is unventilated, insulation is usually installed on the walls of the crawl space itself, with moisture barriers added to prevent any seepage of vapors and moisture that can result in mold growth.

Choosing Your Crawl Space Insulation Material

While there are some eco-friendly options for insulation available nowadays, crawl space insulation often uses fiberglass instead of other materials for a number of reasons. The main reason being its durability and low cost when compared to other insulation options. Another reason why fiberglass insulation is typically chosen for this use is because it is fire retardant, and won’t deteriorate easily.

Some people choose to use foam insulation, like the type that is made out of castor oil, called Icynene. Polyurethane foam is another option if foam insulation is what you want, except it is similar to fiberglass in durability. It has even been proven that polyurethane foam can actually add to the structural stability of your home due to its durability.

Insulation used in your crawl space must be resistant to moisture, and be able to withstand condensation, as well as vapors. Although cotton and sheep's wool insulation are "green", they are not good options for crawl space insulation, as they are not waterproof, and are sensitive to moisture.

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